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Quench Vaccum Steel Bottle SF- 072


Capacity : 700Ml       Weight : 350Gm

Size: H X Dia – 25 Cm X 7 Cm        Material  : Stainless Steel 304

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* Vacuum insulation keeps liquid Hot & Cold
Sturdy Construction2022-09-22T10:16:08+05:30
* Fabricated inside and outside in 18/8 quality stainless
   steel. Which is rust proof.
* Use your bottle for tea, coffee, juice, etc.
* Pre-condition your bottle with hot water, if using for hot
   beverages and with cold water if using for cold beverages.
* Fill the bottle completely to maintain temperature.
* Do not use for carbonated drinks
Cleaning Instructions2022-09-22T10:19:04+05:30
* Wash inside out with mild detergent. Use a brush for
   cleaning the inside. Do not use strong detergents,
   bleach or cleansers containing chlorine.
* When not in use keep the bottle lid open to avoid odour.

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