About Us

Different by design is an ambitious step towards achieving sustainability with style.


Our vision

Our vision is to create a range of products distinctive and resourceful for the long run. We bring home the finest imported material from across the globe. Fashioned on international lines of ergonomics, each of one reflects the latest trend.

Hydrate or store innumerous items in our convenient and nifty inventions! Every feature is inspired by research and study integrated with the smartest ways to save time and the environment!

Behome is been serving industries like pharmaceutical, IT, Banking and a lot more.A Trusted Brand, “BEHOME” Upholds It’s Promise Of Unmatched Quality Along With Its Unique Elegant Style. All The Way With You, Our Products Serve As Exemplary Corporate Gifts, Self Serving And Collective Enrichment. Choose Us To Provide You With The Perfect Companion For Living A Professional And Domestic Life While Being Completely Sustainable!